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About the program

The Ontario Scale-Up Vouchers Program is a four-year, $32.4-million initiative funded by Ontario’s Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, and delivered through MaRS, Communitech and Invest Ottawa.

The program aims to accelerate the growth rate of high-potential Ontario technology- and innovation-based firms into globally competitive firms that drive disproportionate growth in revenue, exports and employment.

How does the program work?

The program empowers high-potential Ontario technology-based firms with the mindset, networks and resources to achieve exponential growth.

The program supports firms in two ways:

  • Growth Coaches—a network of growth coaches with proven functional or sector expertise scaling companies for global growth. Growth coaches will mentor firms by leading a co-creation process to develop “growth plans.” They will introduce firms to valuable networks and guide firms through a voucher application process.
  • Vouchers—Firms can offset up to $1 million in costs in for eligible (direct and indirect) expenses that are relevant to helping firms scale globally by increasing sales, securing and nurturing talent, developing intellectual property and accessing capital. A selection committee comprising industry leaders will award voucher based on pre-defined voucher selection criteria.

Who is eligible to apply?

Ontario-based firms in technology- or innovation-intensive industries with 20 or more employees that fall into one of the following categories:

  • Company with revenue between $5–$25 million plus either:

a. 20% year over year revenue and/or sales growth
b. 20% year over year employee growth


  • Company with less than $25 million in revenue that has also raised $10 million in private capital with either:

a. 20% year over year revenue and/or sales growth
b. 20% year over year employee growth

The Ontario Scale-Up Vouchers Program is working to ensure all technology and innovation firms in Ontario that meet one or more of the above criteria are aware of the program and have an opportunity to apply for a growth coach.

How can firms apply to the program?

You can apply to the program here. The application form takes approximately 10 hours to complete, and your information remains private.

If you are already working with one of the participating innovation hubs (MaRS, Communitech or Invest Ottawa), your account lead can help you complete your application.

What happens when my application is submitted?

Firms receive feedback on their application within one month. Some firms not immediately admitted may be referred to other growth programs offered by the ONE Network Please note that the program services are available on a competitive basis and we cannot guarantee that everyone who meets the eligibility criteria will be accepted to the program.

The program is rolled out in three phases. Please note, firms that are working with a growth coach are not guaranteed a voucher. The program is very competitive and only a few selected companies will be awarded a voucher:

Phase 1: Growth Coaching

    Step 1: Intake into the program and assignment of growth coach (1st application)
    Step 2: Work with a growth coach to support growth initiatives

Phase 2: Voucher

    Step 1: Submit a growth plan application for proposed use of voucher funds (2nd application)
    Step 2: Meet with selection committee to determine if you will be awarded the voucher

Phase 3: Voucher Disbursement:

    Step 1: Sign contract
    Step 2: Receive 50% of your funding
    Step 3: Meet with selection committee to provide update on the voucher project
    Step 4: Final voucher disbursement and reporting to the program administrator based on their contract.

Funded by the Government of Ontario | Subventionné par le gouvernement de l’Ontario

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